miniVideo RPO is small Swiss Startup Business. We were lunched on market in Februara of 2014. Even we are you young but we already some history and some experience behind.

What we are thinking about the whole Video Business today. Well, today anyone can buy a professional HD video camera. Anyone can learn Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. However, not everybody can make a good short video. Why not? Well, people say it all has to do with a thing called talent. We would not call it talent, we would say it's only a question of experience.

We have just emerged from the era of analog photography and filming. Back in the day, it was the privilege of professionals to be able to take 36 shots without a single bad one. It wasn't feasible to take as many shots as you wanted and simply delete the bad ones. Film was expensive! Consequently, nearly every shot you took had to be inspired.

Thankfully, today's world has changed. We are now able to combine the advantages of old-school techniques with modern digital technology. It's faster and better.

Skeptical? Just try us and see for yourself. You will obviously find that we are based on our 3 main Principles:

  • Quality of Video Production
  • Velocity of Production
  • Affordable Price

A person can grow only as much as his horizon allows.

John Powell, American writer

Then let's make the it larger, by showing the information that is beyond its horizon.

miniVideo PRO

Well, there is the generation of people who still remember that time whenever business card was a luxury of reach businesses. Today, it's almost everybody has it who is taking the job.

Even, It was not so long time ago whenever having email address was looking like a men works for kind of world-wide well known high-tech company. Today, if you do not have one, you are probably running kind of suspicious business.

We are pretty sure the time to have own video presentations is coming and coming faster than you might thinking. This is why we are here.

What people still think about Video:

  • - Oh, that is great, but it's so expensive.
  • - No, it's not and we are ready to prove it, says miniVideo.
  • - Ok, I've got the camera I'll do it by yourself.
  • - Yes, you obviously will do! - agreed miniVideo
  • - Then, why I have to order some professional videos?
  • - Because if you are doing professionally business you HAVE TO be presented professionally!

Still disagree?