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Video film production for web

We produce Videos and short Films for companies, musicians, artists, bands, families, hotels, bars, restaurants and many more. Video content can target the websites, webs, advertisements, presentations, public relations, creating the story or event documentation. They can be used in a commercial context as well as for video for web, documentation of special private and family events, such as weddings, graduations or birthday celebrations.

Our slogan is "Quality- Velocity - Prices". Because what our offer consists three part: good Video quality, unbelievable Video production velocity and absolutely affordable prices.

What we offer

Video Reportage

This is type of documentary video or short film that briefly spotlight your event. What kind of Event? Anything you like to document, to share with other or something you like to keep to good long memories. Certainly they are weddings, birthday parties, important Meetings, concerts and so on.

Video Presentation

This is typically commercial Videos or short Films that present your project, service, pleace on earth or product. It can be use for anything as :

  • for motivating best people to get the job in your company
  • to convince the Company's board in some aspects
  • to target lager number of potential customers
  • to open and present brand new Product to the market
  • to visit your place, your city, your town, your country
  • and many other possibilities that you might discovere by using the Videos and short films in your business

So what you are waiting for?

Musical Video Clips

This is what everybody is dreaming. Well, let's say, some time ago, all musicians have been dreaming about studio recording of own music or the band demos. Today everybody has its own studio at home. But they are still dreaming about the Video Clips. Well good news - It's here. So, you can order your video and it's not going to cost you fortune. Really! Get in contact with us and see by yourself.

Recent Works

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Quality - Velocity - Prices

We know what you need and we just suppose that you cannot afford it. Cause you have heart that that kind of Service might be so expensive. So we are here to change it. Try out our service and see for yourself

miniVideo PRO

Our Concept

Concept of our business is producing the mini Video or mini short Film. It should be short but fully comprehensive spotlight the subject of the story. Today people are busy not many has time to spend more than 5 minutes watching the Video. Especially Video for web. So shortness is the key point of miniVideo PRO. Therefore we are concentrate on:

  • main subject/topic
  • your potential auditorium
  • your goals, to be achieved by showing the video
  • velocity of production - your Video is online tomorrow of tonight event
  • quality
  • sound. It's not what you pay normally attentions but it's 50 % of Video impression

We are used to keep our promises, so try out our service and you won't be disappointed with three Key's factors as Quality, Production Velocity and Prices. Try us out

Business Founder, Oleg Tkatch